AUS lightning presentations

This past Wednesday, 12/7, HKN hosted lightning presentations featuring delicious donuts and hot chocolate from DD! About 25 curious Course 6 students attended, looking to learn about Advanced Undergraduate Subjects that would be offered this spring and next fall. Each presenter had 10 minutes to pitch the material and content of their class, with some emphasizing the difficulty of their psets, and others showing projects created in their class. The list of presenters featured George Verghese (6.011), Steven Leeb (6.115), Rob Miller and Stefanie Mueller (6.813), Gim Hom (6.101), Yili Qian (6.027), Luca Daniel (6.013), Gerald Sussman (6.945), and Joe Steinmeyer and Jacob White (6.302).

Thank you to everyone who attended, and all the presenters for their time!

Pictures in clockwise order from upper left: Donuts with sprinkles!; Steve Leeb talking about the history of electronic systems; A levitating magnet fighting gravity, demonstrating feedback systems for Jacob White and Joe Steinmeyer’s course; Gim Hom presenting his Analog Electronics Lab course.

Election Day Study Break

The presidential election is a time for students to come together and eat burritos. That is, if you go to MIT. On Election Day, November 8, HKN threw a study break in the Course 6 Undergraduate lounge. Students feasted on burritos, tortilla chips, and guacamole from Anna’s Taqueria, all while they watched the election coverage by the edge of their seats. As the race tightened in key states like Virginia and Florida, you could hear students say “Yes, my vote counted!”, or “How much would it take to bribe an electoral voter?” Approximately 50 to 60 students came for the burritos, with an average of 25 sticking around to watch the coverage, hang out with friends, or work on psets. Those who stuck around for an hour were rewarded with delicious mini cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes.