Insomnia Cookies and Gingerbread Houses

exportOn November 1, students got in the holiday spirit by enjoying Insomnia Cookies and making gingerbread houses. Around 70 students came to Twenty Chimneys for the event, and right off the bat, a long line formed to grab the Insomnia Cookies (which were gone within 5 minutes). Throughout the 1.5 hours of the event, many students drifted in to make their own gingerbread houses from a kit. A variety of decorated houses were found throughout the room towards the end of the event, with beautiful icing icicles and gumdrop roof tiles.

M. Eng Concentration Dinner

On Thursday, November 3rd, the Course 6 department held a dinner where prospective M. Eng students could enjoy Thai food while asking current M. Eng students questions about different concentrations. Approximately 60 undergraduates came to learn about the different concentrations Course 6 has to offer. The event began with everyone grabbing a plate of food, followed by each of the current M. Eng students introducing themselves and their concentration. Students concentrating in diverse fields such as AI, applied physics, circuits, and BioEECS sat at different tables while prospective students walked around to the various tables to ask about research and studies. One M. Eng talked about concentrating in circuits despite doing signal processing research on optical signals in turbulent media. Another talked about their research in human-computer interfaces.

Thanks for coming out and sharing their M. Eng experience!

Pumpkin Painting Study Break

pumpkin study break

This past Thursday, October 27, HKN hosted the Pumpkin Painting study break in the Stata Cafe for the Course 6 community. Despite being cold and rainy, approximately 30 people showed up to enjoy apple cider, cider donuts, and, of course, painting pumpkins. We had people from a variety of backgrounds, from freshman CS to senior EE students, and a similar variety of pumpkins were painted, from Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” to a Handsome Squidward face. All in all, everyone seemed to enjoy taking a break from studying to partake in these Fall festivities!