Course 6 UROP Panel



On Wednesday, October 12th we held a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity) panel to connect over 70 EECS students interested in UROPs with people who had already gone through the process. The event kicked off with a panel session in which students talked about how they got their UROPs and what their experiences were like. They discussed experience level prior to their UROPs, factors they looked for, how they applied, and advice for people looking for UROPs. Afterwards, we had a breakout session for students to talk to people who did UROPs in a variety of labs, from Media Lab and CSAIL to 6-7 and EE-focused research.

Thank you to all of our awesome panelists (Anish Athalye, Amir Karamlou, Nalini Singh, Allison Lemus, and Emily Damato) for sharing your research experiences!